Conferences in Denmark and abroad:

May 2024:
SOSORT Conference
Boston, USA
Poster presentation

August 2023:
NSDS conference
Linköping, Sweden
Oral presentation

April 2023:
SOSORT konference and Spine Week
Melbourne, Australia
Presenting two abstracts in poster presentations

May 2022:
SOSORT konference
San Sebastian, Spain

August 2021:
NSDS Online konference

May 2021:
SOSORT Online konference

March 2021:
Schroth 100 år online konference

August 2019:
NSDS konference
Bergen, Norway

April 2019:
SOSORT konference
San Francisco, USA

April 2018:
SOSORT konference
Dubrovnik, Kroatia

May 2018:
Best Practice Academy – board meeting and advanced academy meeting
Leipzig, Germany

June 2018:
Skoliose symposium
Rikshospitalet Oslo, Norway

June 2016:
Dansk Skolioseforening conference
Vejle, Denmark

Lectures in Denmark and abroad:

June 2022:
Dansk Skoliose Forening årskonference

Odense, Denmark
Invited lecture

April 2022:
Svensk Skoliosförening

Stockholm, Sweden
Invited lecture

October 2021:
Dansk Skoliose Forening Årskonference – ”Træning af skoliose”
Odense, Denmark

September 2020:
Svensk Skoliosförening – ”Conservative Treatment of Scoliosis”
Stockholm, Sweden

June 2018:
Skoliose symposium, foredrag om Gensingen korset og Schroth Best Practice træning
Rikshospitalet Oslo, Norway

October 2017:
ScolioFys – Lecture on Conservative treatment of scoliosis for physiotherapists
Copenhagen, Denmark

September 2017:
Hot Topics in Reumatology – lecture on conservative treatment of scoliosis
Svendborg, Denmark

January 2017:
Praksisdag for praktiserende læger – Lecture on conservative treatment of scoliosis
Copenhagen, Denmark

June 2016:
Dansk Skolioseforening conference lecture on conservative treatment of scoliosis
Vejle, Denmark


If you are interested in participating in a lecture about the treatment of scoliosis as a patient, parent or a professional please contact us by email.