Patients from abroad

ScolioFys welcomes all scoliosis and Scheuermann patients from abroad. Consultations will be done in English.

We have treated a number of patients from Norway, Sweden and other countries – both children and adults. We recommend at least a mini intensive package of 2 x 90 minutes as well as one or more classes spread over 1-2 days. It is possible to make a package consisting of 2-4 day intensives including individuel training sessions, classes, manueal treatment, instructions in strength training etc. Every intensive is planned exclusively for you specifically with regards to the amount of sessions and days and pricing is accordingly fitting the amount of sessions/days.

For children in primary growth it is possible to get an assessment about risk of progression and bracing as well as the recommendations for treatment according to the international SOSORT guidelines.

After an intensive screening and instructions in ScolioFys you return home with knowledge about your condition as well as photos and videos of your specific rehabilitation and a plan for future treatment. It is possible to do follows either as a short individuel session, a new intensive or as online consultations.

It is possible after your initial consultation to attend classes online if you wish to do your exercises with supervision and in the company of others.

Please contact us for more information.